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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Hair Makeover

Hello all!  I know it's been a while and I apologize.  It's been crazy busy around here.  While my husband was home from work we were running around like crazy getting furniture and accessories to finally decorate our master bedroom and bathroom.  We got everything except for paint!  That's next time he's home LOL.  So all of that coupled with the kids we were super busy and I had no time to put together a blog post, although I've been wanting to do this post for almost a couple of weeks now!  And then when he left for work of course I'm a single parent and everything is on me so that eliminates my free time as it is but I've also spent a TON of time lately looking into and booking events to showcase my Nail Potion line so that's taken up all of my free time that I do have while I'm home with the kids on my own and I would otherwise paint my nails or do a blog post.  But today I'm taking a break from looking at events etc. to finally do this post that I've been DYING to do! (pun totally intended and you'll understand later ;) LOL)

So as many of you already know, my bestie Kate Slemko is an amazing hair dresser.  She works at a salon in downtown Edmonton called Salon Front (website:, Facebook page:  It's an awesome salon and I absolutely love their big atrium area where you get your hair done.  The natural light just comes streaming in through the wall to wall windows and it's so bright and cheery, especially in the winter months where we just don't see enough of the day/sunlight.  Kate has been doing my hair for a little bit now and majority of the time she's been doing my hair it's been long and I was dying it myself with a washout box dye (deep, dark purple or dark brown/auburn during the time she's been doing my hair).

This is how we started out, it was a deep purple and long and layered with no bangs. 

I then went more auburn to lighten it up a bit for the warmer months.

I then went back to bangs, just before engagement and wedding photos as I've always thought I do look better with bangs and I feel that it's more photo friendly when my whole forehead isn't overly exposed LOL.

I wanted to throw these photos in because after a year and a half since my wedding I'm still amazed at the FANTABULOUS job Kate did on my wedding du!!!  I also changed from the auburn color to just a basic brown for wedding photos.

Oh and speaking of wedding hair, Kate also did my hair for my brother's wedding the weekend before mine where I was a bridesmaid.  You can't totally tell but the one side that is up is french braided and then she curled the crap out of the rest!

And shortly after my wedding I became pregnant so I let my hair grow out even more so it was easy to deal with when the baby came along.  I grew out the bangs a big so I could pull them back if I needed them out of the way and we made really long layers so that I could also pull those back out of my way if I needed to when the baby came along.

Having the long and not so super special or stylish hair was great while I was a new mommy.  It was easy to deal with and I could keep it out of my way and out of my face very easily.  However, as Devereux got older and more grabby and developed his death grip I was losing a lot of hair not only because of the hormone changes all new moms go through but because Devereux was pulling it out!!  ARGH!  It was just way to easy for him to grab, even when it was in a pony tail, cuz it was so long.  Then I also started feeling shlumpy and not so stylish so I decided I needed a huge change and needed to do something to make me feel special, stylish, funky, and like my old self again.

This is what ensued...

I COPPED IT ALL OFF!!!!!! (not the first time I've done this, although it had been years since the last time)  Kate did the most amazing asymmetrical angled bob!  I was in love instantly!  And I loved the variety it gave me for being able to style it.  I can super poof it or even make it all flippy and textured.  Heck I can even curl it a bit if I really have time LOL

Next it was time to deal with the colour.  I was getting more and more time as Devereux got older so maintenance wasn't as much of an issue as before and with the new cut I felt like I needed to amp it up another notch with a fabulous colour.

GO RED!!! (again not the first time but it's been even longer since I've been a red head than since I chopped all my hair off before)

And now for the SUPER DUPER UBER fun and shocking part.  Kate and I had been talking about giving the colour some dimension for the last few hair appointments.  I've always loved high/lowlights to give colour some dimension and I was finally ready to spend the cashola and change my one solid colour (although a fabulous colour) into a multidimensional masterpiece!!  I wanted to have some fun with it and do something I had never done before.  We kept the same red base and added...

Actually before we could add some colours Kate had to bleach some sections.  And this is why...

She put some Special FX colours in.  I believe they were Napalm Orange (pretty much exactly how it sounds from the name, basically a neon orange), High Octane (a deeper, darker but still basically neon orange) and Cherry Bomb (another deep, rich neonish colour but kind of a pinkish red).  Then she put some black streaks in to balance out the bright and give it another dimension and then touched up my base red and I got to sit like that for a while.  Then I had to sit for another while under the heat.

It was not a quick process, I'll tell you that much but it was OH SO WORTH IT!  Plus it was great visiting time with my bestie without the distractions of my kidlets or anything else cuz she didn't book any other appointments while I was processing.

Once the colour process was done she gave me a good trim as I was more than due and we changed the style up just a tad.  And here is the end result!!!

All I have to say is...

BEST HAIR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are in the Edmonton area and you are looking for a fabulous hair transformation then you definitely need to look up Kate Slemko at Salon Front!!  If you're not really looking for a major transformation but just a good hair dresser or stylist then Kate is also your best bet.  I honestly don't think there is anything she cannot do!  I swear you won't be disappointed and I'm not just saying that because she is my bestie.  I think this post proves how good she is on a number of different levels!!!


Hope you guys enjoyed this post.  I certainly enjoyed going through the process to make this post happen and it was nice to do a post that was completely different from any of my other posts thus far :)

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  1. love it - especially that bright red underneath!!