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If you have any questions, comments or concerns you can reach me via email at: (for anything related to nails and nail products) (for anything non-nail related)

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Mrs. P's Nail and Nail Potions

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Mrs. P's Nail Potions

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I thoroughly enjoy anything and everything to do with nails and nail polish.  I used to get gel nails done for YEARS and now I'm into the natural nail thing.  I love trying new polishes and effects (although time is limited for that now with having the baby).  If there is ever anything you would like to send me for review I would be honoured and will give my honest and forthright opinions as best I can.  You can contact me for this using the email addresses above.

Further, as you may have seen mentioned in some of my posts, I am in the Edmonton, AB, Canada area and I do inexpensive manicures out of my home starting at just $10.00 (I can do some nail art as well for an additional $5.00).  I also do polish parties in my local and surrounding area.  Gather a group of your gal pals (or this works great for birthday parties, showers, stagettes, etc.) and the hostess gets her express manicure for free (everyone else is $10.00 per person) along with other hostess benefits. If you are interested in coming by for an appointment or booking a polish party, you can contact me using the nail email address above.

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