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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Mrs. P's Nail Potions - Coral's Guildy Pleasure & Pirate's Booty

L - Coral's Guildy Pleasure, R - Pirate's Booty
Good evening all!  I did this manicure late last night and didn't have time to post pics nor was the lighting any good to take pics, so I saved it for today.  I took pics in the daylight when I got home from work, it's been cloudy all day here so no direct sunlight pics unfortunately.

These are another two of my "Potions".  Coral's Guildy Pleasure was actually originally Gilded Pink but I wasn't feeling it and no one was saying anything about it so I revamped it.  Now it's a much deeper and more intense color, more coral than pink now but still has that lovely golden shimmer.  And believe it or not, no glitter!!!!!  Shocking I know!!! LOL!  Pirate's Booty is a fun nothing but gold polish.  I'm normally more of a silver fan but I do love this one.  It's very rich looking and fun.  It's a sheer gold base loaded with gold glitter in different sizes, including large reflective gold hex.  I thought these would be a fun match up because of the golden sheen of Coral's Guildy Pleasure and the pure gold look of Pirate's Booty.  Here's the combo (only 2 coats of each polish - Coral's Guildy Pleasure was actually pretty much a one coater but I did two just to make sure I had good coverage and to eliminate a few minor brush strokes).

Please pardon the minor sheet imprint on the pinky nail, told you I did them late last night, then went straight to bed as carefully as possible LOL

Both "Potions" had very good coverage and like I said, Coral's was basically a one coater or could have been a one coater if I were a little more careful on the application of the first coat.

If you are interested in purchasing either of these "Potions" please get in contact with me either by leaving a comment below, going to my facebook page or emailing me at

As noted in my previous post, I had a little bit of a mix up with my supply order and I ordered only mini bottles when I thought I had ordered full sized bottles.  I am still sourcing and getting funds together to purchase full sized bottles so they will be available if you want to wait.  I will keep you all posted here and on facebook.  If you have any questions please let me know.  Mini bottles will be sold for $4.00 each plus applicable s&h to wherever it is you are located.

Update on production of Mrs. P's Nail Potions for sale

Good afternoon all!!

I just wanted to give a quick update to those that are interested in purchasing any of my upcoming Nail Potions or who are already on the list for purchases.

I feel a little silly but there was a bit of a mix up with my supplier of bottles and my baby brain.  I thought I ordered full sized bottles, but instead I ordered mini sized bottles.  So the only bottles I will have at first for sale will be mini's which are 5 mL/0.16 oz NOT 15 mL/0.5 oz.  I'm so sorry for any confusion or disappointment.  I'm rather disappointed in myself for this goof up actually.  As a result of the size difference the mini polishes will sell for $4.00 per bottle plus applicable s&h rather than $8.00+.

I am currently sourcing another supplier for full sized bottles but do not know when I'll be placing an order yet.  If you have already requested certain Nail Potions and were expecting a full sized bottle, again I am sorry, and please let me know if you want to purchase a mini in the meantime and/or if you would like to change your request to perhaps add some more polishes since you can get a couple different colors of the minis for the same price as one full size.

Please contact me by leaving a comment below, through my Facebook page at, or via email at

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Mrs. P's Nail Potions - Hella Holo

Good afternoon all!  Today I have something super spectacular (if I do say so myself) to share with you.  I'm so pleasantly pleased with this "Potion" and can't believe I did this LOL.  Definitely my favorite so far I think.  It's certainly a stunner and a looker and not for those who want their nails to just blend in and not make a statement.  This is HELLA HOLO!!!!!

Hella Holo is a holographic base loaded with shimmering iridescent fine glitter, large holographic hex glitter and holographic bar glitter.  The photo above and below are taken in daylight:

I'm glad the large hex and bar glitters stand out as well as they do.  I was concerned while formulating this "Potion" that the large glitters would just get swallowed up and taken over by the holographic base but that certainly is NOT the case.  However, this "Potion" really shows off and dazzles in direct sunlight as you can see below:

Regardless of how fantastic these photos may look in the sunlight, nothing beats this stunner in person.  I'm actually almost speechless over this creation of mine :)

Even in the shade, it reads as a nice chunky silver polish:

The formula and application of this polish was pretty good (if I do say so myself) especially considering how much glitter and large chunks there are in this polish.  Wasn't too gloopy and it wasn't difficult to get even coverage or anything like that.  All the photos above are two coats of Hella Holo with two coats of Essie Good to Go top coat to make sure they were nice and smooth.

I'd love to hear your feedback on this "Potion".  And please let me know if you are interested in purchasing this "Potion".  I'm taking a list of names for all those interested in certain "Potions" at this point so I can make sure to make those for you when I have all my supplies (order is placed and processed and just awaiting shipment).  I will also make extra so if anyone decides they want some later I will still have a few in stock to ship out, but if you want something specific be sure to let me know and I can be sure to make it up for you and have it on hand for you.  All "Potions" will be sold in 0.5 oz./15 mL bottles and will be $8.00 plus applicable shipping.  Leave a comment below or email me at if you are interested in purchasing anything.

And as always, if you life in the Edmonton, Alberta area, please contact me about cheap manicures and nail art.  I do this out of my house and a full manicure is only $10.00.  Straight polish change on fingers or toes is only $5.00-$10.00 depending on nail art etc.  And if you get a manicure and want matching toes that is only $15.00 all together.

Further further information and pictures you can always check out my new Facebook page as well at

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Mrs. P's Nail Potions - Red Carpet Reddy

UPDATE: Good evening again all!  So as planned I was able to snap some much better pictures of this gem of a "Potion" and here they are as promised (the 6 photos immediately below were all taken in the daylight):

This is actually quite an accurate representation of the actual red that this "Potion" is

Here you can see all the many glitters in this "Potion"
Slightly different angle to show off the glitters again
And again a slightly different angle to show off the glitters
Original post below:

Good evening all.  I have a quick post for you of another one of my "Potions" that I just did a mani with tonight.  It is my 6th "Potion" I came up with and it is called Red Carpet Reddy.  It is a bright red slightly jelly base with lots of iridescent, silver and red glitter.

I just have a few quick photos for you guys tonight.  I apologize for the quality of the photos actually as they were both taken this evening under complete artificial light, no natural light to be had at this hour.  I plan to take some better and truer pictures in the daylight tomorrow when I'm home from work and hopefully I'll be able to post them tomorrow evening at some point.  Here is Red Carpet Reddy.

Taken during the evening in a fully artificially lit room
This photo and the one above do not depict the color properly, it shows up much more orange here due to the artificial lighting and the glitters aren't nearly as prominent as they should be

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Mrs. P's Nail Potions - Plenty of Fish in the Sea

UPDATE:  I've now removed this "Potion" from my nails to prep for trying out another one of my "Potions" and again I was very pleasantly surprised that even with all the glitter there is no need for the tin foil fiasco to remove the polish.  Just lots of polish remover and a bit of elbow grease but really not too bad at all.  YAY!! :)

Hello again all!  It's been a lazy Sunday so far in the Penfold house today and I did another manicure last night with another of my very own "Potions" and photographed it in the daylight today so thought I'd share another one with you this afternoon.

This one is called Plenty of Fish in the Sea.  It was the 14th "Potion" I came up with and was inspired by some actually glitters.  I have some nail glitters in green, gold and blue that when I saw them for the first time looked like fish scales to me.  So I decided to do a sea inspired polish.

The base of Plenty of Fish in the Sea is rather sheer but it's very sparkly as well.  It is a pale shimmery blue loaded with iridescent fine glitter and large chunky glitters in blue, green and gold.

When I applied the polish it was much thicker and gloopier than my Sweet 16 polish but that is usually the case with densely packed glitter polishes.  It is nowhere near as thick and gloopy as Butter London's No More Waity Katie though.

I'm quite pleased with this polish also and it's another of my favorites of the ones I've made so far.  See what you think of Plenty of Fish in the Sea...
The index, middle and pinky nails are Plenty of Fish in the Sea only - 3 coats
Although the thumb and ring finger nail look the same color as the bottle I achieved this color on the accent nails using one coat of China Glaze's Electric Beat and then 2 coats of Plenty of Fish in the Sea over top

A close up of the two different colored nails - again the darker nail has one coat of Electric Beat by China Glaze under 2 coats of Plenty of Fish in the Sea and the lighter nail is 3 straight coats of Plenty of Fish in the Sea
 Please let me know what you think of this "Potion" and any other "Potions" of mine that I have posted.  Feedback is how I improve and come up with more ideas.  I do hope to have my own Etsy shop to sell my "Potions" on in the fairly near future but as of right now I do not have the supply capacity to do that...YET!  Stay tuned though :)

And as always, if you life in the Edmonton, Alberta area contact me about getting cheap manicures done at my home by MOI!  $10 for a full manicure and $5 for toe nail painting or $10 for more involved nail art on the toes.

Mrs. P's Nail Potions - Sweet 16

Hello all!!  So as you know, I've been working on my own frank polishes called "Mrs. P's Nail Potions".  I've decided to actually start wearing a few to show them off properly and the first one I picked to wear was Sweet 16.  This is probably one of my favorites and it was the 12th "Potion" I came up with.

Sweet 16 was meant to be girly and flirty and fun and celebratory, just like a 16 year old girl's 16th birthday party.  I think I achieved the overall feeling quite well and it turned out basically as I wanted it to and I'm very happy about this polish.  Sweet 16 is a shimmery (almost metallic) pink chiffon base loaded with various glitters.  The glitters used were large silver hex, holographic bar, and fine glitters in purple, blue, pink and iridescent.

For the pictures below I used two coats of Sweet 16 and one generous coat of Essie Good to Go top coat over top.  The formula was quite easy to apply, aside from the odd issue of a bar glitter sticking half off the end of my nail and having to kind of place it better with a cuticle stick (but that's what large and bar glitters are all about LOL).  One coat looked nice but the overall color was a little sheer and read almost nude rather than pink which is why I went for a second coat.  You could probably also put one thin coat of this over a much deeper or brighter pink or purple for a totally different look.  I shall try that one day :)

Please excuse the dry bits on my finger tips in the pictures below.  This weather going back and forth from spring to snow seems to be doing a number on my hands :(

Enjoy SWEET 16!!!!!! :)
In daylight - no sun though as we've had nothing but cloud and snow :(
In daylight - no sun though as we've had nothing but cloud and snow :(
One more surprisingly awesome thing about this polish...I thought I'd have to do the ol' tin foil trick to remove it as there was so much glitter and lots of large glitters in it.  HOWEVER, it was not necessary!!  Just normal scrubbing with a cotton ball and polish remover (containing acetone) did the trick.  Had to use a little bit of elbow grease in some instances but the tin foil wrapping of the finger tips was not necessary at all and it removed quite well so YAY!!! *thumbs up*

Please let me know what you think of this "Potion".  I welcome any and all feedback.

Also, as always, if you are in the Edmonton, Alberta area and are interested in cheap manicures, please contact me.  Only $10 for a full manicure and only $5 for toe nail painting or $10 for more involved nail art on the toes :)

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Adventures in Frankening

Good afternoon all!!

Well it is yet another snowy, wet, cool spring afternoon here in Edmonton.  And yes you heard me right, snowy and spring in the same sentence.  Only in Alberta!  Sad but true and not really funny.  We had 17 above and sunny the other day and then rain blew in yesterday ALL DAY and now it's turned to snow and we have ground cover again and it looks like winter again :P  Beyond frustrating for those of us just itching for spring (permanent that is, no teasing).

Anyway, I thought it was about time I share my new passion with you guys.  It still has to do with nail polish but it's even better than painting nails and doing nail art.  I can really be creative and put my own spin on things.  It's called FRANKENING!!!!!!

Now for those of you that aren't nail enthusiasts or aren't familiar with some terminology, franken or indie polishes are basically custom nail polishes made from different mixtures of other polishes and dyes and pigments and glitters etc.  Really only your imagination is what limits you.  It's a great way to come up with things that can't be found in the stores and I love the creativity it allows.  Not only with the mixing of the color combinations but the naming of each polish too :)

So I've been a bit busy lately creating my own line of frankens and I'm ready to give you guys a sneak peek :)  Introducing...


These are swatches of all 15 of my shades so far (in natural daylight)
Above is a closer shot of my first five "Potions".  I'll give the name and a brief description of each of them below:

1.  My First Time - This was my first ever franken I made and I'm pretty impressed with how it turned out for a total experiment.  It's obvious why I named it what I did but also it's kind of sparkling and magical and lovely, just like every girl dreams her "first time" to be LOL ;)  It's a shimmery purpley/blue base polish with iridescent, blue and silver glitter.

2.  Purple Reigns - This is a very deep purple base with blue glitter.

3.  Ice Palace - This is a frosty, shimmery kind of aqua blue base packed with iridescent glitter and large hex iridescent glitter.

4.  Cotton Candy Cupcake - This is a creamy bright pink base with iridescent and silver glitter.

5.  Gilded Pink - A simple shimmery glossy golden pink.

The next five "Potions" are:

6.  Red Carpet Reddy - A bright red almost jelly base with red and silver glitter.

7.  Wormhole - A shimmery black base packed with iridescent glitter and large hex iridescent glitter.

8.  Pink Sugar - A very pale frosted pink base with iridescent glitter.

9.  Sunkissed - A bright slightly shimmery golden yellow base with deep orange glitter.

10.  Arthur's Realm - A shimmery emeraldy green base with lots of glitter in greens, blues, iridescent, silver and gold.

And the last five are:

11.  Mack the Knife - A frosty pearly white base with iridescent glitter.

12.  Sweet 16 - A shimmery chiffon pink base with lots of various glitters, large silver hex, holographic bar, and fine iridescent, purple and blue.  (this is actually the color that is on my thumb in the very top picture on this post - 2 coats)

13.  Ariel's Tale - Inspired by my favorite Disney movie "The Little Mermaid".  A shimmery bluey green iridescent base kind of like a mermaid's tail with deep orange glitter to represent Ariel's firey colored hair.

14.  Plenty of Fish in the Sea - This one was inspired by some new nail glitters I got.  When I saw them they reminded me of fish scales.  It's a very pale shimmery blue base with fine iridescent glitter and large hex glitters in iridescent orange, green and blue.

15.  It's My Party - This is probably the funnest of all of my "Potions" so far.  It's a creamy white base loaded with large glitters of various sizes and colors and yellow, green and blue fibers.

Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think of any of the above swatches.  I can't wait for and I welcome any feedback!

I will be doing posts on individual "Potions" soon so you can get a better look at each "Potion" so stay tuned for that :)

Monday, 9 April 2012

Hello Spring Manicure

So I'm still behind in my blog posts :(  This mani I did back around the supposed first day of spring (although we're had two large snow storms here in Edmonton and some sketchy weather so hasn't felt much like true spring).  For this manicure I used Nicole by OPI's Hello World which is a fantastic orangey red jelly polish.  I believe I did two thicker coats and it turned out fantastic just on it's own.  It was super glossy and smooth and the application was perfect.  Here it is just on it's own, not even with a top coat.

I then added a few little details in pure white for a bright contrasting pop - Dollarama nail stickers in white (flowers and butterflies) and an accent nail in OPI's White Shatter.

Although I generally love the look of shattered polish, I just wasn't feeling it on this day.  I don't know if it was because it was just one nail or because maybe it was too much contrast or maybe because it didn't go with the more dainty and delicate feel of the flowers and butterflies, but I removed the shatter shortly thereafter and just did a hand painted flower design on my ring finger nails using Witchcraft white and silver glitter nail art.

Close up of hand painted flower
I was totally happy and thrilled with the final outcome of this mani and kept it on for almost an entire week!!  Which is a big deal for me LOL.  On another note, the Nicole by OPI's Hello World was such a cinch to remove and I haven't had that easy of a time removing ANY polish for as long as I can remember.  Very very very happy with this polish and would recommend it to anyone if you can get your hands on it.  The Shoppers Drugmart I got it at happened to be clearing the shade out at $3.47 which is why I picked it up in the first place.  I posted pics of this on Instagram and one of my gal pals fell in love with the polish and said she couldn't find it so we arranged a swap and she sent me some polishes I couldn't find and I looked everywhere for Hello World again and it took a few weeks to find it.  I finally found it at Wal-Mart.

As always, please feel free to comment and ask any questions.  And if you are in the Edmonton, Alberta area please contact me about getting cheap mani's and pedis done at my home by MOI! :)  Only $5.00 for a simple polish change on fingers or toes and only $10.00 for a full on mani.  Don't have the tools to do full pedicures...YET!  Spread the good word :D

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Very Belated St. Patrick's Day Post

Hello all!  I'm still quite behind in my blog posts so here is my quick belated St. Patrick's Day post.

First of all, Daniel made a cute little St. Patrick's Day hat at daycare out of a little styrofoam coffee cup.  Belowe he shows it off along with his super cheese smile for the camera LOL

Next is a St. Patrick's Day cloud mani I did on my bestie, Kate, using Butter London Thames, Spa Ritual Gold Digger and Spa Ritual Water Lily.

As always, please feel free to comment or ask questions.  And if you are in the Edmonton, Alberta area please contact me for cheap manicures, pedicures and nail are in my home.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Snow Day

Well it's the beginning of April and Daniel and I have an official snow day.  Definitely not planned and kind of shocking.  The last few days we have had spring like temperatures and sun and dry roads etc.  In fact I was starting to think about getting the proper insurance placed back on my car so I could take my car out of the garage and stop driving the gas guzzling beast of a truck.  And yesterday or the day before we even reached a high of 15 degrees!!!!!!!!!!!

However, yesterday the powers at be were calling for severe weather and winter snowfall warnings.  Blowing snow, low visibility and up to 25 cm of snow!!!  GROSS!!!  Of course this is Edmonton and anything happens and of course we were not going to be as lucky as to actually have spring start in the beginning of April, especially not without one last dump of snow.  No one knew exactly how bad it would hit or how accurate the warnings actually were so we all sat and waited.

Well the wind started over night and there were a couple times throughout the early morning hours I was woke up by the wind blowing around outside.  When I did wake up it was a winter wonderland all over again outside and the flakes were huge and there was a good couple of inches of snowfall already at least.  Thankfully it wasn't super cold but the snow was being a pain in the patootie enough on its own without the cold temps.  Daniel and I got ready as usual this morning and headed out to work.  It's a shame I put any effort whatsoever into my hair this morning because just from brushing off the inches of snow on the truck I was soaked.  The snowflakes were huge and like tiny slush balls hitting you on the head and in the face as they fell from the sky.  The snow was so wet and sticky!!!  We got into the truck and braved the roads which were not great but I had a 4x4 truck so wasn't horrible.  It was just very slow going and had to be careful is all.  It took an extra 20 minutes to get Daniel to day care this morning and when we arrived it seemed awfully quiet.  We walked in after trudging through the snow, and walking past a snowman that someone had already built (this was 7:45 a.m. LOL), and there was no power in the building.  It had been out for about 15 minutes already and they had no idea if or when the power would be back on.  Luckily the oatmeal for the kids' breakfast was already made so Daniel got to have his breakfast still but they were asking the parents to stick around for a bit to see if the power would come back on because if it did not they would have to shut down because they couldn't have a day care full of kids with no power.  Talk about a safety hazard and there would have been no way to cook for the kids or anything either.  So I stuck around and talked with some of the other parents and Daniel ate his oatmeal and we played with the kids and read with the kids and around 8:15 there was still no power and the announcement was made that they were basically shutting down and the kids would have to go home.  So Daniel and I packed back up and headed back home.

The drive home wasn't as long as the drive there but it was still kinda dicey and just not nice.  We were home shortly after 9 and we've been hanging out and playing downstairs quietly while Dorian sleeps as he worked a night shift last night and only got home at 4:00 a.m. this morning.  I'm definitely planning to have a nap when Daniel has his nap as I couldn't get back to sleep at 4:00 after Dorian crawled into bed and my alarm went off an hour later at 5:00 :P

It's now just about 11:00 a.m. and the snow has not let up at all.  Here is a pic of our backyard which just the other day had no snow on the deck and you could see the grass and there was only one patch of snow in the yard along the fence where the sun doesn't hit it much.  So much for that :(