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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Stained Glass Valentine's Day Nails with Mrs. P's Potions and OPI Sheer Tints

Hello all!  Hope your February has been lovely so far and you all had a great Valentine's Day, however it was spent.  Mine was rather quiet as my husband and I just had a nice home cooked dinner and watched movies together after the kids went to bed.  I also did my nails, which took up the entire afternoon! LOL.  Here's what I did do for Valentine's Day first ever attempt at stained glass nails!

I started out with my usual base of China Glaze Calcium Gel Fortifier and Glisten & Glow Stuck on Blu! base coat.  I then did two coats of Mrs. P's Potions What The Flair?! (holo topcoat) for the base of the stained glass nail art.  You can use any silver glitter polish for the base of stained glass nails, I chose the holo topcoat cuz I didn't feel like dealing with the glitter removal when all was said and done and it came time to do my next mani.  This holo topcoat gives you a lovely silver shimmer/sparkle and removes as easy as plain coloured polish with no glitter *thumbs up*.

Two coats of Mrs. P's Potions What The Flair?! (holo topcoat), no topcoat
indoors, in natural daylight by large window, no flash
I used Pueen Cosmetics plate 68 (as shown below) with an opaque black lacquer I made and am testing out for possible release in March-ish.

I stamped over the holo base on each nail.

no topcoat yet
indoors, in natural daylight by large window, no flash
I then cracked open my OPI Sheer Tints and used a small detail brush and began to fill in the spaces between the black areas.  WARNING: This was very time consuming! ;)

Once all the spaces were filled in I let them dry well and painted on a generous coat of my usual topcoat I use for nail art, Glisten & Glow HK Girl.

indoors, in natural daylight by large window, no flash
indoors, in natural daylight by large window, no flash
And here's the macro of how the thumb nail turned out, really shows off the holo underneath well.

indoors, under direct white LED light, no flash
So what do you all think?  I have always admired this stained glass look when I've seen it on others and always wanted to try it.  I'm quite happy with my first attempt and I'm actually still wearing them now and haven't taken it off yet.  I also love how it's not in your face Valentine's Day so it's okay that I'm still wearing them :)

Thanks as always for stopping by and having a peek!

- Bree ox's


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