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Friday, 8 February 2013

OPI DS Mystery and Glow Gradient

Good afternoon all!  Today I bring you a mani using two new OPI DS polishes I acquired from a lovely Instagram gal pal of mine.  She was looking to sell off some of her personal stash to get some cash flow to help cope with some sudden personal difficulties.  As I'm sure any of you who are familiar with me know, I am always in search of OPI DS polishes that I am missing so when she had 6 brand new ones that she was willing to sell I couldn't help but help her out, and myself in turn LOL ;)

The two OPI DS polishes I used for my gradient mani (my gradient skills need some work LOL) were Mystery and Glow.

DS Mystery is a black jelly base with loads of shimmer in all sorts of metallic shades.  There isn't really any one colour of shimmer but I wouldn't call it multicoloured shimmer either.  With the naked eye at a glance at the bottle it looks like mainly gold or bronze shimmer but as you can see from the photo directly above there is also some purple/blue shimmer and even a green shade in there as well.  It's very interesting and gorgeous and I was immediately drawn to it first when unpacking all 6 of my new DS bottles.  Even the black base is unique as it is not just black.  It's got a purple undertone to it and in some lights reads more purple than black.  It applies like a dream and is opaque in one generous coat.  I did one coat on all my nails except for my ring finger which I was going to do an accent nail on in a reverse gradient to the rest of my nails.

DS Glow is a glorious gold/bronze shimmering metallic polish.  It also applied like a dream and I was able to reach full opacity with just one generous coat.  I only applied this to my ring fingers for an accent nail.

Dry time for both polishes was very quick and I was able to continue with the gradient part of my mani without having to wait for the base to dry.

I then took a makeup sponge and sponged Glow onto the nails I had painted a base coat of Mystery on.  I applied it very lightly and scattered at first and gradually built up the coverage towards the tip of my nail so the gradient was from solid Mystery at the base of my nail to solid Glow at the tip.  I did the reverse for the accent nails and applied Mystery with a sponge so it was solid Glow at the base and solid Mystery at the tip.  Again, my gradient skills need some practice but I love these polishes and I love the look of them together.

I topped everything with a coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

I apologize for not having the amount of pictures of this mani that I normally do but the shimmer in these polishes was making my camera go crazy and it was difficult to get the quality photos that I did.

What do you all think of this mani?  As always I welcome any and all questions, comments and feedback.

Also, I'm starting up manicures at home again, only during the weeks that my husband is home from work though so he can man the children while I deal with nails.  He is away for two weeks and then home for two weeks so there is a two week window that I can make manicure appointments.  So if you are interested in cheap but quality manicures or nail art and you live in the Edmonton area, please contact me to make an appointment! :)

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