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Monday, 2 July 2012

Mommy's ready...

but Devi seems to be being stubborn :P

Good afternoon all.  Just lazing around and relaxing enjoying our holiday Monday today.  Still no baby obviously.  Everyone is ready for him but he seems to be insisting on making us all wait.  I have a sneaky suspicion that he's going to have to be forced out by the doctors next Monday :P

In any event, I did my nails today with Devi in mind.  Seeing as how he was going to be coming sooner or later I thought a nice baby blue sparkly mani was in order.  I chose my own Potion for this (No Girls Allowed) but wanted a nice light blue color so only used one coat over one coat of Julep's Emma, which is a shimmery sheer slightly pink pearl polish.  Here are the results.
Here is Julep Emma (left) and Mrs. P's Nail Potions - No Girls Allowed (right)
One coat of Julep Emma with one coat of No Girls Allowed over top and topped with Essie To Dry For top coat

If you are interested in purchasing this Potion from my etsy shop, there is one full-sized bottle left available.  I will be adding more mini duos of No Girls Allowed and No Boys Allowed when I receive my new shipment of mini bottles.  Although this probably will not be for a little bit yet as not only am I awaiting shipment but I will be on a bit of a baby break come next week (if not sooner if Devereux knows what's good for him!!!) and not entirely sure how much nail related stuff I'll be able to get done.  My etsy shop will still be open for business though and I'll still be able to send out orders in the post once a week I'm sure (Mondays are my planned shipping days).

You can find my etsy shop here:  You can also find additional information and photos and keep up to date with shop statuses and stocks on my Facebook page here:

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