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Friday, 14 September 2012

Pretty as a Peacock

Good afternoon all.  Happy Friday!!!  Hope you have all been enjoying your Fridays so far.  We actually have fairly nice weather here today and I spent majority of my morning at Starbucks with my two little guys.  After all, Friday is "Muffin Day" and where better to have "Muffin Day" than Starbucks ;)  Even my toddler thinks so:

Me: Do you know what day today is?
Daniel: Muffin day!
Me: That's right and what day is Muffin Day?
Daniel: Friday
Me: That's right and do you know where we are going to go for Muffin Day today?
Daniel: Starbucks!! (throwing his hands in the air and cheering)

What an awesome kid <3 :)

Anywho, I wanted to give you all a closer look at one of my newest Potions, Pretty as a Peacock.

mini bottle
close up bottle shot, unfortunately not the greatest lighting, it is brighter and more gold in real life
The inspiration for this Potion was the colors of the gorgeous peacock.  Peacock feathers are one of my favorite things and in fact was the theme/color inspiration for my wedding last year.  This Potion is a concentrated glitter polish in a clear base.  There are superfine gold flakies, fine rainbow purple and turquoise glitter and medium blue holo hexes.  Altogether they are a shimmering gorgeous combination.

You can use this in one coat over a base color of your choosing.  I have not tried that out yet but I imagine this would look gorge over a purple or teal basecoat.  Or you can do several coats for nothing but glitter all the way which is what I have done on the swatches below.  This was two generous coats on the nail wheel.
indoors, no flash
indoors, no flash, slightly blurred to show some of the sparkle
Here is the full manicure I did with Pretty as a peacock in two generous coats with a top coat of Essie's To Dry For (in the sunlight or bright light there was still a very faint visible nail line with just 2 coats).

indoors, no flash
indoors, no flash
outdoors, direct sunlight

outdoors, direct sunlight
outdoors, direct sunlight, closer and slightly blurred to show all the phenomenal sparkle
You can purchase Pretty as a Peacock on my Etsy shop here.  Currently (as of the date of this post) I only have mini bottles (5 mL) of Pretty as a Peacock available.  There will be full-sized (15 mL) bottles available in the future.  "Like" and keep an eye on my Facebook page here to stay updated on the status of larger bottles of this and other Potions.  Mini bottles of Pretty as a Peacock are $4.00 each plus shipping.

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