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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Daytime Golden Glam

I thought I would share one more makeup look with you.  I call this my daytime golden glam look.  I do this when I want a little more drama and to amp up my daytime look a little but not have super heavy makeup or major dramatic smokey eyes etc.  I also like this because it gives me a nice sun kissed or bronzed glow.

I start out with the same "canvas" as my 5 minute face, using Maybelline's Dream Fresh Beauty Balm and Covergirl's Advanced Radiance pressed powder all over my face.  I then fill in my brows with my eye brow pencil and curl my eyelashes.

I then take my kabuki brush and apply a dusting of bronze pigment on my forehead, bridge of my nose, cheeks and chin, making sure to blend very well and starting with just a little bit so that it doesn't look unnatural or like I over did it on the self tanner lol.  Essentially I am using this as a bronzer.  A little bit goes a long way and you can always add more, whereas it is difficult to take away if you put too much on in the first place.  This loose pigment I am using is by Lise Watier.  I do not recall the name and the name on the bottom of the container is rubbed off and illegible now.
Once the bronzer is applied I apply a highlight just under my eye brows, on the inside corners of my eyes and on top of my cheekbones.  For this look I'm using the lightest shade in this Gosh trio of eye shadows.  It's like a shimmery champagne colour with some super fine subtle gold glitter.
Then on the inner half of my eyelid I apply a very gold shimmery pigment. This one is Lise Watier and it is called Folie 24 Carats.
On the outer half of my eyelid I apply the darkest shade in my Gosh eye shadow trio.  It is a bronzey dark brown with the same super fine subtle gold glitter as in the highlight shade.  When doing this you have to make sure to blend the two colours together just enough.  You want the colours to read separately but you don't want a harsh line where the two colours meet in the middle of your eyelid.
I then take one more brown colour, a medium brown, and rub it into the crease. This brown is chalk-full of gold glitter which works very well with all the other golden, glittery, shimmery shades I used.  It is by Nars and it is called Galapagos.
I then take a very black eyeliner and run a fairly prominent line along my lash line and wing it out at the outside corners just a bit.  I do not have a photo of my eyeliner as it is very well used and I am almost in need of a new one.  Due to that fact, it is just a short stub of a pencil and there is no writing left on it. But I believe it is Loreal and it is the pencil eyeliner that applies like a liquid liner.

I then apply my tried and true Maybelline Falsies mascara in black drama on top and bottom lashes.
And I finish off with my usual Nars blush in Outlaw on the apples of my cheeks.
Again, I leave my lips very natural as I played up my eyes and I don't like to bring too much attention to too many facial features.  The key is to just pick one feature and play that up.  If you are going to play up your lips then you would do a very simple eye.

And here is what it all looks like when put together.

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