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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Mrs. P's Nail Potions - Little Bruiser & Spectraflair 35 Topcoat

Good evening all.  Sorry for my absence.  It's been a whirlwind around here.  Children have become a handful.  The eldest is almost 4 and seems to have limitless energy and he's such a BOY!!  The youngest is 14 months now and a going concern.  He's not walking on his own yet but he'll use anything and everything as a walker or he'll just crawl everywhere.  He's always under foot and wanting to be right near me and we're down to one nap a day instead of 2 now and the teething is crazy!!!  It took him 11 months to get his very first tooth and in less than 2 months he's sprouted 5 more and counting.  Needless to say, my work time has been cut drastically (as has my me time) which has lead to my blog posts suffering.  But I'd rather neglect my blog than my business or my customers.  And of course I'd neglect anything over neglecting my children.  They may be a handful but they are delightful and fun boys and I love them to bits and wouldn't have life any other way!

Now back to business...I did this mani a bit ago but because I'm so behind on blog posts I have some catching up to do and this is the start of it.

Tonight I bring you a thermal mani that I added a bit of pizazz to.  I wanted to experiment a little bit with one of my mood potions and decided to try Little Bruiser with a coat of Spectraflair 35 Topcoat over top.  I had never done SF 35 over any thermal polishes before and wondered how it would affect the colour changing abilities.  Well to my very pleasant surprise it only made it BETTER!

In case you are not familiar with my lacquers, Little Bruiser is a thermal polish (I call mine "mood potions") that goes from a deep, vampy, shimmery reddish purple when cold to a bright shimmery orangey red when hot.  It is a sheer polish so can be built up in about 3 oats to full opacity or can be used a a layering polish for some neat colour changing effects.  I did 3 coats of Little Bruiser and did one coat of my Spectraflair 35 Topcoat over top.  My SF 35 Topcoat is made with grade 35 spectraflair pigment.  Spectraflair pigments are light diffractive colourants that generate the appearance of multiple, bright rainbow producing prisms.  This topcoat can be used on its own in several coats to create a holographic silver colour or can be painted in a thin coat over any other colour of nail polish to turn any nail polish into a holographic look.  My SF 35 Topcoat is easily my most popular and best seller!!  Everything was then topped off with a generous coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Topcoat.

I was super stunned with the results and these photos were before I tested out the colour changing effects.

First up I dipped my fingers in ice cold water to get Little Bruiser to go as dark as possible.  When I did so, the effect still worked perfectly and with the SF 35 Topcoat it made the darker colour of Little Bruiser seem even darker.  And the beauty of the darker colour was that it really allowed the rainbow effect of the SF 35 Topcoat to dazzle.


Next up I dipped my fingertips in the hottest water I could stand and although the colour change was muted ever so slightly by the prismatic effects of the SF 35 Topcoat, you could still see quite a difference in the base colour.  The rainbow effect wasn't quite as dazzling over the lighter red as it was over the deeper vampy colour but it was still gorgeous and I loved how the SF 35 Topcoat didn't completely hinder the ability to see the polish change colours still.

And just so you can really tell the difference, here are some photos that I snapped while the polish was transitioning between hot and cold.  You can see that the tips were returning to the darker cold colour as the base of the nails remained the lighter hot colour.

I was very pleased with this mani and it was super fun and pretty.  I still got the ever changing effects and fun of the mood potion but with some added flare and sparkle :)

All photos were taken in direct sunlight.

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  1. Little Bruiser is just gorgeous, and spectraflair makes it look magical! lovely polishes!