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Sunday, 12 January 2014

First Decent Nail Stamping Attempt

Good afternoon everyone!  Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend so far.  Today I bring you another nail art mani I did.  This time I tried stamping!  I bought a cheap set from Dollarama a while back just to try it out, I think it was an As Seen on TV set.  I had never stamped before and didn't want to spend a fortune to try it out, as I hear it can get expensive.  So with my "resolution" to try to do more nail art this year, I sat down one night and tried my cheap stamping set out.  I had tried it long ago when I first got it but didn't give it much of a shot and I think perhaps the polishes I tried with weren't stamping friendly or something and it was an epic fail.  This time I had put more research into how to stamp properly and what products to use and I was bound and determined to make it work.  One of the plates that came in my set was a plate of 6 "full nail" designs.  I say "full nail" because they are so narrow that unless you have the tiniest nails, they would never cover the full nail.  They would cover my full pinky but that would be about it.  So I thought I'd get creative and try one using it at an angle, and it kind of worked, although placement was a bit tricky.  And I used just a moon and stars single design from one of the other plates for the accent nails.

The products I used for this nail art were:

-OPI DS Magic (used as base for stamping on)
-butter LONDON West End Wonderland (used as base for stamping on accent nails)
-Mrs. P's Nail Potions Fawning For You (used for stamping)
-Color Club Revvolution (used for stamping on accent nails)

So I first applied 2 coats of OPI DS Magic on majority of my nails and 2 coats of butter LONDON West End Wonderland on my accent nails.  I then applied a coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Topcoat on all nails to make sure the nails were good and dry and especially the accent nails with the glitter were smooth for optimal stamping results.

I then stamped my "full nail" images on the diagonal over the DS Magic using Fawning For You.  Then I stamped the individual image over the West End Wonderland using Revvolution.  The individual image was just a moon with a couple of stars.  In order to fill the nails more I also used partials of the image to put more individual stars on the nails.  I then topped everything off with another coat of SV and was done.  I was quite happy with how successful the stamping turned out and I liked the colour combination.

And here's some macros of a few of the nails.

Check out that glitter!!!!!!
I love how shimmery DS Magic is! One of my very first favourite polishes.

After this stamping mani I was HOOKED!  And this was just cheap plates LOL.  I found though that my stamper and scraper from my Dollarama set worked well so I was pleased that I didn't need to buy new ones of those and should just be able to buy new and better plates.  I checked out Nail Polish Canada and got a few plates on sale just to try.  I ordered two Pueen plates and one Bundle Monster plate.  They should arrive Monday.  I'm so excited!!  

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