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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Eat.Sleep.Polish - Purple Rain

Today I have an amazing indie polish to share with you!  It is from Eat.Sleep.Polish and it is my first from this brand.  I have had dealings with the owner Cat before as we are in a Canadian indie polish makers group, but I had never tried her creations until now.  This won't be my last bottle of ESP! In fact, I loved this one so much that when her new The Wonderful Wizard of Oz collection released on Saturday (September 12th) I snapped up two of them plus an amazing blue that caught my eye from the Alice In Polishland - Part 2 collection.

This polish I'm sharing today was created as a group custom for the Facebook group Indie Polish Lovers United.  It is called Purple Rain.

Outdoors, direct sunlight
Is this not simply UH-MAZE-ING!?

It is a lovely shimmery purple with pink shimmer and loads of linear holo.

Outdoors, direct sunlight
This polish has so much holo and shimmer in the direct sunlight that my camera wasn't quite sure what to focus on at times LOL.

In the shade the holo does not appear so much but it is still a lovely shimmery purple and you can still see the complexity of the polish.

Outdoors, in shade
Outdoors, in shade
And just to really show off the holo and shimmer, I took some photos indoors under my LED lights with flash and LOOK!

Indoors, with flash 
Indoors, with flash
I was super pleased with the polish.  The application was great, not too thick and not too runny.  It is super opaque too.  I could have gotten away with just one coat but I did two coats just to make sure it got some depth and showed off everything as much as possible.  I also added a coat of topcoat.

It comes with one of those wider, flat brushes which I actually do not care for but I will not hold that against this polish or the brand.  I can work with them I just prefer skinnier brushes because my nail beds are so slender.  The wide brushes are actually TOO wide for my pinky nails and I end up having to clean up my pinkies no matter how careful I am or how little polish I have on the brush.  Again though, that is just personal preference and struggles.  I know a lot of people prefer the wide, flat brushes.

I can't wait to get my other bottles I just ordered.  If they are anything like this I'll be pleased as punch!

Eat.Sleep.Polish is a Canadian indie brand from Mississauga, Ontario.  All of her polishes are 100% cruelty-free and vegan.  They also have a rewards program in which you earn points ("swatches") towards discounts on product:

5 swatches for every $1 spent
250 swatches for creating a new store account

500 swatches = $5 discount
1000 swatches = $10 discount
2500 swatches = $25 discount
5000 swatches = $50 discount

You can follow Eat.Sleep.Polish on the following social media platforms:

And you can contact Cat at

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  1. What a gorgeous polish! You took so many pictures, I feel like I own it too!! Love it