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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Aquadelic & Waves

This is a manicure I did a couple weeks ago.  One of my absolute favorites to date!!  It turned out so well and the color was fabulous I thought!!!  I got so many compliments on it AND it was my first attempt at a cloud mani :)

I started off with 2 coats of China Glaze Aquadelic on all fingers except for my ring finger and thumb.  On my ring finger and thumb I did the cloud technique using Gosh Miss Minty, China Glaze Electric Beat and China Glaze Aquadelic.  On the fingers that had solid Aquadelic I put two thin coats of of HITS Jazz flakies over top and VOILA!!!
China Glaze's Aquadelic is a super fantastic color.  The most perfect turquoise polish I can think of!!  The formula was wonderful and lovely to apply and it was pretty much opaque after one coat but I applied two coats just to make sure I had good coverage before applying the flakes.
The HITS flake top coat I used I came across from viewing the PolishAholic's blog entry of a review she did on HITS Jazz - you can check it out here  I instantly fell in love!  Not just because I was obsessed with flake polishes at the time, as were so many others and as was the rage (and still is!) but because it was different from most of the flakes I had seen and that were readily available in the stores and on the websites that shipped to Canada.  This wasn't just the standard goldy/orangey/iridescent flake.  This is a clear jelly base loaded with what look like goldy flakes in the bottle but when you apply them they are gorgeous bright green and blue flakes!!  Flake heaven!!!  I thought it looked perfect over the Aquadelic and made it look like water and the cloud mani with the colors I used kind of turned into waves.  I will certainly repeat this look at some point I'm sure.  If you're curious about where to get HITS, I purchased mind off of

As always, please feel free to add a comment or ask me any questions.  And remember to contact me if you are in the Edmonton, Alberta area and book a cheap manicure or pedi :)