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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

No More Waity Katie

So I am still trying to get through my untried polishes and I was very excited to try all my Butter London polishes I got a little bit ago (see previous post of new treasures).  Next on my list to try out was Butter London No More Waity Katie.  This is a very unique color, a sort of purpley grey jelly base jam packed with lavender glitter.  I had heard that the formula was kind of a pain in the patootie but that the overall look was well worth it and very unique.  Well all of that was true.  The formula was really thick and super goopey.  It was hard to get a real nice clean edge and I needed 3 coats to get it nice and opaque.  It dried with a rougher kind of gritty finish so it definitely needed a good clear coat over top.  But I love this color and would put up with the muss and fuss any day.  It's like no polish I've ever seen before and super classy and simple but glitzy and unique all at the same time!

The next day I decided to add something a little special to it and something I had never tried before.  I was still reeling from the Gosh Silver I used on Grammy Helen a little bit before so I did a quick tape mani accent over top of the No More Waity Katie using the Gosh Silver.  I was going to do just diagonal stripes but half way through applying the tape changed my mind and did a different type of chevron stripe, I call it a giant or massive chevron as the chevron spreads across all the nails rather than an individual chevron on each nail.  You will see what I mean below.

As always, please feel free to leave any comments or questions and if you are in the Edmonton, Alberta, Canada area, please please please feel free to contact me about getting a mani done.  I do them out of my house for cheap for practice as I plan to take some courses during my mat leave.  $5.00 for a straight and basic polish change, $10.00 for a full on manicure with massage and cuticle clean up or for more complicated nail art.

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