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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Kids' World

So as most of you know, I am pregnant with mine and my husband's first child together.  He should actually be arriving any day now as I am full term now but my due date is not until June 29th.  Anyway, with baby just around the corner Dorian and I have been doing lots to get ready for him, including decorating and finishing the nursery.  We moved Daniel (Dorian's 2 year old son - my step-son - that we have full-time and I love as if he were my very own - been mommy to him since he was 9 months old) into our other spare room and did him up a special room as well.  Daniel's big boy room and Devereux's nursery are 100% finished now and thought you all might like to see the progress of the rooms from start to finish.

So this was our first day of painting.  The colour chips we chose are on the left (Daniel's room are the blues at the top and Devi's room are the greens at the bottom).  On the right is me and my baby belly in grubby paint clothes.  All the colours we chose were from the Disney Collection offered by Behr Paints.  The lighter blue is called 100 Acre Blue and the darker blue is called Blue Adventure.  The darker of the greens is called Sonic Boom and the lighter is called Alien Green.  The greens are almost neon and they were fantastic on the chip and you really have to see them in person to really appreciate them.  But I'm getting slightly ahead of myself.

Hubby was great with the painting and super helpful and thoughtful when I came to me painting.  I did not too bad.  My belly wasn't super huge so I could do the edging along the baseboards as Dorian did the edging along the ceiling.  He would then roll the top portion of the wall as he did not want me on the ladder and we didn't have a really long roller handle for the roller and then I would roll the bottom two thirds of the wall.
We started with the 100 Acre Blue on the two walls in the far corner of Daniel's room.

 Then added the Blue Adventure to the other two walls in the opposite corner .

Here are the two blues together.  By this point I was really exhausted and actually the next day my arms and legs were kinda sore.  Felt like I had done a workout LOL.  Especially my inner thighs from having to roll the middle third of the wall standing and then having to roll the bottom third squatting because I couldn't really bend over to roll the whole bottom two thirds in one cuz SOMEONE making a home in my belly was in the way LOL.

Then came Daniel's new big boy bedding as he was moving out of the toddler bed (it had to be converted back to a crib for the baby) and into a twin bed.  So we figured we would give him Cars bedding as he still loves Cars and Mater but especially Finn McMissle since Cars 2 came out.

We then added all the little touches (some of which he already had in his previous room as he got a bunch of Cars room decor at his 1st birthday).

Some little storage bins
A quilted wall hanging

Some little wall decals around the light switch
And a little wooden coat hanger
Then came the super fun part!!!!!  I ordered really large wall decals for the kids walls and they arrived just yesterday actually so we were able to finish the rooms completely yesterday and we are totally thrilled with the results!! :D

A few weeks after painting Daniel's room we finally got around to painting Devereux's room.  My belly was actually much bigger by this point and Devi had dropped so it was a little more difficult for me to paint this time.  It was practically impossible for me to edge the baseboards this time with how much more my belly had grown and with it being even lower now so Dorian had a little more work this time than the last.  But he never complained :).  I still edged all the doors and windows and rolled the bottom two thirds of the walls once he had finished edging the ceiling and the baseboards.

We were very excited about these greens because not only did they look fabulous on the paint chips but when we opened the cans of paint it was almost shocking how bright the greens actually were and it was so much fun to see them go on the walls!!!

We started with the Sonic Boom green which was the darker of the two on the two walls in the corner of the room when you first walk in.  Unfortunately the pictures don't really show the true potential of this green but you get the idea.  It's kind of like a bright Slimer (from Ghostbusters) green.

We then painted the Alien Green which we were most anticipating.  It's really truly the closest to neon as you can get without actually being neon.  Again the pics don't show near the potential of this colour but the best way I can describe it is like glow stick green!!!

We then put the furniture in the room and added some other little touches.

Some small wall decals around the intercom/light switch
An awesomely matched wall lamp for some subtle lighting during those night time feedings and diaper changes.  We found this at Ikea, it was called a SKOJIG!!!!!  LOL.  Had to add that, gotta love Ikea and their names :)  The lizard/chameleon on the wall is actually a kite that Dorian's best friend Jen brought back for Daniel from her travels somewhere.  We left it in Devi's room though as it matched better than it matched in Daniel's new room.  Plus Daniel has enjoyed it in his room for the last 2 years so we thought we would give Devi the chance now.
A Buzz Lightyear wall border (which is actually 3D and comes with 3D glasses believe it or not!!!!!!!)

And a neon green netted toy holder to hang from the ceiling for all the stuffed animals that Devi is sure to receive over the years
And as I said above, the giant wall decals I ordered for the kids' rooms arrived yesterday so I put Devi's up too and here are the 100% finished results.  I was actually shocked at just HOW LARGE Buzz and Woody were :D

So that's that!  Daniel is thoroughly enjoying his room (and loves to also check out Devi's room) and Devi is sure to love his room once he can actually appreciate it.  Mommy and Daddy are more than thrilled and pleased with the results of both rooms and now we are jealous of the kids' rooms cuz our bedroom is still just builder's beige and we haven't done anything with it LOL.  Ours is the next project for sure but we'll wait on that for a bit obviously.  Perhaps a Christmas present to ourselves...

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