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Friday, 1 June 2012

Officially on Mat Leave!

Well it's official!  I'm on mat leave!!!!!!!!!!  Nothing major on the agenda today, I think just relaxing and maxing.  Although with me being home with Daniel all the time I'm kicking the potty training up a notch. He was used to no diapers at daycare and was using underwear but they had more time to devote to taking him regularly.  Now that I'm at home and have more time to devote to Daniel right now I'm doing away with the diapers/pull ups (aside from nap and bedtime) and we're using big boy underwear at home all the time too.  Daniel has only had one accident this morning because he couldn't be bothered to stop watching his cartoons to tell me he had to pee.  He got a very stern talking to and I told him big boys take a break from TV to go potty and if he couldn't do that he didn't need TV.  He understood and I've been diligently reminding him every half hour since and he's gone every half hour since.  No more accidents so far!!!

Daniel has been working on potty training at daycare since after the Christmas break.  He wasn't interested at home right away but that came eventually.  He's been doing it for a month or so at home now and he has the pooping down pat but the peeing he just doesn't get or doesn't care, I'm not sure.  But yet when he does pee his pants he hates it and gets upset.  He has to be reminded of peeing all the time.  I'm going to try as I might to get him into the habit for peeing as much as possible in the potty and get it through his head before the baby comes.  I'd really love to only have to diaper one child!!!

Other than that it's been a nice relaxing day.  We got up this morning with Dorian so that we could see Dorian and spend some time with him before he had to go to work.  We had tea and cartoons with Daddy this morning before he headed off to work.  And not too long ago Daddy stopped in at home with MUFFINS!!!!!!  Fridays were always muffin days at daycare and Daniel thoroughly enjoyed muffin days and was fully aware that Friday = Muffin Day.  We didn't want to take that away from Daniel so we are keeping Fridays as Muffin Days at home.  I plan on baking muffins for Friday breakfasts, however, with me still working yesterday I didn't get a chance to bake any muffins so they would be ready for this morning's breakfast.  So Daddy graciously stopped at Tim Horton's (like he usually does at some point in the mornings for work) and got some muffins and dropped them off at home before heading to his first work site.  Daniel was super excited and he polished off one and a half muffins.  The muffins from Tim Horton's are much bigger than the homemade ones he's used to at daycare but that didn't stop him from polishing off one and a half.  He was very happy and is now running around working off those muffins and milk :)

Time for another potty break!

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