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Friday, 26 October 2012

Mrs. P's Nail Potions - I Heart NY Collection

L to R: The Naked Dress, Searching for Mr. Right, Can't Colour Enough, All Lawyered Up, The Big Apple
Good morning Nail Potion fans! Today I'm going to share a sneak peek with you of my new Nail Potions collection being released on November 1, 2012 in my etsy shop. It's a five piece collection and all jellies!!!!!!!!!  The collection is called "I <3 NY" (for those of you unfamiliar with what <3 is, its is the typed emoticon representation of a heart) and it's inspired by none other than Sex and the City.  Each Nail Potion is meant to represent each of the main characters of the TV series and movies (Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha, Mr. Big).  Along with the release of this collection I will also be doing a giveaway/contest where the lucky winner will receive (free of charge, all they have to pay is the postage) a full-sized set of the entire collection!!!  For every bottle of my Nail Potions that is purchased during the month of November you will get one entry into the giveaway/contest!

The photo above is a sneak peek of what the collection looks like.  Along with the debut of this collection I'm also debuting my new labels which are the labels in the photo above :)  As you can see from the photo each bottle also has a colour coded rhinestone embellishment on top of the cap.  The gals in Sex and the City were always about the bling and sparkle and NYC has that special something as well so I wanted to do something a little special to the bottles for this collection.  And what girl doesn't love rhinestones?!?! :)  The Nail Potions photographed above are as follows:

  • The Naked Dress - This is inspired by Carrie Bradshaw and her famous "naked dress" from Season 1 on her first date with Mr. Big.  It's a nude jelly with gold holo glitter in small and medium hex.  The gold glitter represents the "Carrie" necklace that she always wore and treasured throughout the entire series.
  • Searching for Mr. Right - This is inspired by Charlotte York and her forever search for the perfect husband.  Charlotte was always a hopeless romantic and believer in true love.  It's a white jelly with pink heart glitters and fine white iridescent and holo pink glitter.  It's very pretty and romantic and girly, just like Charlotte.
  • Can't Colour Enough - This is inspired by Samantha Jones and her colourful and out there personality and fashion.  It's a neon pink jelly with a little bit of extra fine holographic glitter for that shimmer and sparkle to represent the life in the fast lane aspect of Samantha and then is loaded with many different glitters of different shapes and sizes kind of like a party confetti to represent all the high profile PR events and parties that Samantha attended and organized/hosted.  And for those unfamiliar with Samantha's famous quote from the first movie, the girls were all sitting having coffee/breakfast and Charlotte had her daughter Lily with her and didn't want the girls using the word "sex" so they used "colour" instead so they could still talk about sex without Lily really knowing or understanding and Samantha said "I can't colour enough, I would colour all day every day If I had my way, I would use every crayon in my box".
  • All Lawyered Up - This is inspired by Miranda Hobbs.  She has the simplest of style of all the girls and is the iconic redhead of the show.  Most times you see her in her straight-laced suits as she is a lawyer so I thought I would keep this Nail Potion very simple and straightforward and bring in the red/orange to represent her hair.  It's a red jelly base with medium hex glitters in red and orange.
  • The Big Apple - This is inspired by Carrie's two true loves, Mr. Big and New York City.  It's a black jelly which represents the nice tailored black suits Mr. Big usually wears with fine silver sparkles to represent the spark between Carrie and Mr. Big and all the lights of NYC.  There is also white diamond glitter which I thought picked up on the crisp white shirts Mr. Big always wore under his suits and red hex glitters to represent the love that Carrie feels for both Mr. Big and NYC.  Red is also the colour of apples and NYC is the big apple after all!

So there you have it!  I <3 NY revealed.  Don't forget to pick up your favourites or the entire collection on November 1st.  All my usual stock will also be available as usual so you can pick up any other favourites you have and get as many entries into that contest/giveaway as possible!  Each Nail Potion from the I <3 NY collection will be $8.00 plus shipping.  However, if you would like the entire collection I will have a coupon code so you can buy all 5 for the price of 4 which is $32.00, plus shipping.

Please, if you have any questions or comments you can contact me through any one of the forms of contact listed on my contact page.  I would love to hear any thoughts about the upcoming collection and if you are excited at all please do share it with me! :)


  1. Super excited to swatch these for you! I'll post the preview in my IG soon :)