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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Pretty As A Peacock 2.0

Good afternoon all!  Today I have another Pretty & Polished review for you with a little added twist of my very own Mrs. P's Nail Potions.  If you recall, I released a polish a month or so ago called Pretty As A Peacock which is a mix of various gold, teal, blue and purple glitters (original blog post here).  I love anything and everything peacock so when I found out that Pretty & Polished had a polish called Pretty As A Peacock as well I had to have it!!  It is completely different from my own but I thought it would be fun and very pretty to combine the two peacock polishes for a manicure.  Hence Pretty As A Peacock 2.0!

Pretty & Polished's Pretty As A Peacock is described as "a dark emerald green base packed with blue, teal, purple, and green glitters."  I found upon application that the base was almost like a metallic finish even.  It's a very gorgeous combination and very peacock-y.  The application was very smooth and I got quite good coverage in just one coat, however I did use two coats (except on accent nails which was just one coat) to make sure I had a nice deep colour.  This polish could have applied very sheer in a thin coat and could probably be used as a layering polish over other colours if you did very thin applications.  On the accent nails (ring and middle fingers) I did one coat of Mrs. P's Nail Potions' Pretty As A Peacock over top the one coat of Pretty & Polished's Pretty As A Peacock.  The combination turned out fantastic and although they are both inspired by the colours of a peacock you can see how very different the polishes are.  So really the only thing similar is the name!

A few days later I decided to change up this mani a little bit and I applied Butter London's Matte Finish Shine Free Top Coat.

I am normally not a huge fan of the matte finish but in this particular case I actually quite like it and almost prefer it.  It muted the overall colour of the polishes quite a bit (especially the Pretty & Polished one) but I think it also brought out all the different colours in both polishes even more.  What do you think?

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