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Friday, 11 January 2013

Works in progress

Good evening all.  Tonight I wanted to update you all on a couple of things Mrs. P's Nail Potions is currently working on and will hopefully be available in my etsy shop soon.

First up is a really cool "mood potion" polish.  It changes colour with the temperature of your fingertips like the old-school mood rings used to do except it only changes between two colours, not several like the rings.  It's technically a thermochromic polish but "mood potion" sounds so much cooler LOL.

I introduce "Gold Digger".

This is my first mood potion but I do plan on creating many more.  Gold digger changes from a blackened gold when cold/cool to gold when hot/warm.  You can see the difference in the two colours in the photo above.  Thumb and index finger are cold and the remaining three fingers are warm.  Please ignore the rainbowy bits on the index and middle fingers as I just quickly swatched a coat of Gold Digger over my current mani at the time which happened to have Follow The Rainbow on the accent nails and it showed through the coat of Gold Digger a bit.  I didn't do a true mani at the time as I was just testing out the colour change.

Above is how Gold Digger looks when completely cool.  It's slightly more black in real life.  It is actually almost a perfect match to Butter London Wallis when it is completely cool.

Above is how Gold Digger looks when totally warm.  It is very gold when it is warm.


Above is how Gold Digger looks while it is in transition between warm and cool.  Depending on how long your nails are as well, sometimes the tips of your nails that extend past your fingertips will remain the cool colour giving you a sort of french manicure look but without any effort!

Gold Digger is not yet for sale in my shop.  I am currently sending bottles out to various bloggers for reviews and swatches and their opinions before I release it to the general public.  I have not decided on an exact release date yet as it depends when I get all the swatches and reviews back from my fellow bloggers.

If you are a fellow blogger and would like to sign up to receive future Blogger Promos please go to my Blogger Promo Signup Form and fill it out.

The other thing I am currently working on is a water-based polish.  This is my first water-based polish.  The difference with water-baed polish versus regular solvent-based polish is that the water-based polish is chemical free.  So there are no fumes while working with this polish and it is safe to use on kids.  However, because it is water-based and does not have the same solvents/chemicals as conventional polish, the dry time is a little longer and it does not dry to a high shine or glossy finish.  It will dry to a more matte finish but with a good top coat the high shine or glossy finish is easily achieved.  The other important thing about water-based polish is that if there are any glitters in the polish it is very important to use a good top coat to make sure the glitters adhere very well and stay on the nail.  Also the water-based polish is a much thinner consistency so glitters can sink in the bottle.  But because of the thinner consistency it is easily remixed with a good shake/roll of the bottle.

Below is a photo of the glitter mix I used for this water-based polish.  It is a mix of matte purple, blue and green medium sized hexes as well as holo purple and blue fine glitter.

Along with the above glitter mix, I added a colour shifting pigment (blue/purple/red).  When all of this is mixed together you get what I like to call "Seamonkey Dance".

Above is what a bottle of Seamonkey Dance looks like.  I wish I could take credit for this name but alas I cannot as it was all thought up by my husband!  Below is what Seamonkey Dance looks like swatched on a nail wheel.  Left is with no undies, middle is one coat over black undies and right is three coats over black undies.  To achieve the colour shift you must paint this over black undies otherwise you just get a pearly finish with flecks of the blue, purple and red.  The colour shift comes out when it is painted over black (or really any darker polish).  You could paint it over navy or a super dark purple I suppose but some of the colour shift would probably be lost as it is not a totally neutral base.  The black polish does not have any of the blue, purple or red in it so it easily shows the entire colour shift.  As you can see that the more coats you use the more of a colour shift you will see.  And as you ca imagine, colour shifts are difficult to capture on camera so the colour sift is much more visible in real life.

As with Gold Digger, Seamonkey Dance is not yet available for purchase in my etsy shop.  I am currently gathering bloggers interested in testing this out in order to get opinions and swatches prior to releasing it to the general public.  If you are a fellow blogger and interested in testing my first water-based polish out please fill out the Blogger Promo Signup Form.  Once I have had a sufficient number of bottles sent out and tested and swatched I will decide on a release date and that will be announced on all my social medial outlets.

So what do you think of these works in progress from what you have seen in this blog post?  Please feel free to comment or ask any questions, feedback is always welcome.

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