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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Mrs. P's Potions - Pink Baroque Stamping

Good evening everyone!  Happy Friday!!!  Hope everyone has had a great day so far.  Mine was pretty great.  Nothing spectacular or glamorous but I spent pretty much the whole day catching up with one of my besties from my 20's.  It was her birthday today and I messaged her on Facebook to wish her a happy birthday and we then spent pretty much the rest of the day chatting over text and catching up with EVERYTHING!  It was epic and amazing and I miss her so much.  I haven't seen her since she moved away over ten years ago I think and we've somewhat kept touch over Facebook every now and then but not really really kept in touch.  Well it all fell into place today and it was almost like she was right back here again.  We were like sisters back in the day!  It felt so good and it made my day feel so great!  She's off to go and get her birthday drink on now so I'm free to get back to work LOL.

Today's post will be shorter than my usual as I don't have a lot of photos of this nail art but I love it so much and it turned out exactly as I wanted it to so I had to share it with you all :)

This nail art was prompted by a Facebook group I belong to called Adventures in Stamping.  Every Sunday they have a new nail art challenge and this last week was stamping using three colours.  Well I was anxious to try out a new Mrs. P's Potion I'm working on (hopefully for spring release) and I thought the colour would be perfect with some stamping overtop.  You can see a sneak peak of the bottle in the photo above, it's the pink bottle without the label.  It's a pink holo and it's also a thermal!!  You'll see a little bit more in the photo of the actual mani but I won't show full swatches just yet ;)

So I did two coats of the new Mrs. P's Potion I'm working on called Pretty In Peony.  I then used two more Mrs. P's Potions for the stamping - I Pink You're Hot and Lean, Mean & Aubergine, both from my Fall 2013 collection.  I've used quite a few lacquers from that collection for stamping and they work pretty great as I made them highly pigmented and so they are naturally a little bit thicker.  I placed a dab of I Pink You're Hot on one side of the stamping image and a dab of Lean, Mean & Aubergine on the other side and then scraped them down the rest of the image and picked it up on my stamper which gave me a nice two tone stamp of one colour on one side and the other colour on the other side.  I placed in on my nail as straight as I could (I really want to get a rectangular stamper to make placing the stamp straight is easier) and voila you have a two toned stamped image.  I did the same on all nails and the result is as you see below.

The plate I used is from Pueen Cosmetics and it is plate 56 from the 24B stamping buffet set.  In the very first image in this post you can see the plate clearly and I used the far right part of the plate which is kind of a baroque pattern.

Here's a couple of macros to show you a closer look.

What do you guys think?  I love how it's so sophisticated and feminine.  It's exactly what I wanted!

This was also the first time I participated in one of the AIS Sunday Challenges.  It certainly won't be the last! :)

Thanks for stopping by and checking out today's post!

- Bree ox's


  1. I love it, the plate image is very classic and the blend from one colour to the other turned out amazing. These would be great and wearable.

    1. Thank you very much Amanda! They were super wearable and I wore them for a good week! :) And not just cuz I was lazy LOL ;)