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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Color Club Blue Heaven Floral Stamping

Can you believe this?!  Back to back blog posts!!!!!  WHOOT *happy dance* LOL!  Anyway, today I have for you another stamping nail art look I did which was again prompted by the Facebook Group Adventures in Stamping's Sunday Challenge.  This last challenge was over a blue base.  I just so happened to be testing and swatching a new lacquer I'll be coming out with soon that was blue so I just stamped over top of that :)

For the stamping I used Blue Heaven from Color Club's Halo Hues collection.  I love these holo polishes and frankly don't get to use them enough.  But I've used them for stamping several times (on myself and others) and they stamp like a dream, even with the crappy cheap stamping set I have.  I was going for a subtle look with this and I almost achieved it too well cuz it's so hard to capture on camera LOL.  It's perfectly fine and the way I wanted it in person but it's been a nightmare to photograph.

The plate I used was Pueen Cosmetics 73 from the 24B Stamping Buffet collection.  I used the rose images on the thumb and ring finger and then just the vines on the remainder of the nails.

And as usual, here's the macro.

As with all my nail art, I topped it all off with a coat of Glisten & Glow HK Girl.

Whatcha think?!

I'm so excited to up my stamping game soon!  The new Creative Shop stamper + scraper set that the nail stamping world is all abuzz about is literally on its way to me and I should have it by the end of this week!  SQUEEEEEEE! :D  I did not order from them directly as they are in the Ukraine and I am in Canada and they themselves advised that purchasing from one of their re-sellers would be quicker and cheaper for me.  However, none of their retailers for Canada were in stock at the moment but a lovely lady in the Adventures in Stamping group, who also happens to be a fellow Canuck, had an extra set she was willing to sell and ship to me!  Stay tuned for all sorts of stuff once I get that baby in my hands!!  I've put up with this cheapy set for long enough.  Although I can't complain too much about the stuff I have been able to do with it.  I mainly just wanted something larger and squishier cuz when my nails get super long the surface area of the stamper I currently have is not large enough to cover the whole nail and it's quite firm so it's even more difficult to get a really good stamped image sometimes cuz I have to roll and press rather hard with this one.  And I hear that you can also use pretty much any polish with the Creative Shop stamper and it doesn't have to be stamping specific polish so that opens up a whole new world of possibilities as well!!!

Anyway, thanx for stopping by and taking a peek today :)

- Bree ox's

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