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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Adventures In Stamping Sunday Challenge - Pink and Black

Good evening all!  Today I have for you another Adventures in Stamping Sunday Challenge.  This week's challenge was pink & black.  This was perfect cuz I had been actually wanting to do a pink and black mani and needed to test out a couple new products I had developed!  Everything I used is depicted in the photo above (please excuse the mess LOL).

The lacquers used for this look were two brand new products I'm testing out for my indie polish line Mrs. P's Potions.  The black will be called Obsidian and it is a plain very opaque black which works quite well for stamping.  It can also be used for a great black mani and you'll get great coverage in one easy coat.  The pink is a colour I am SUPER excited about called Poppin' Pumps.  It is going to be part of my upcoming Signature Collection launching in March (psssssst... there will be a pre-order window open for a week starting February 14, 2015!).  It is another very opaque lacquer, a bright hot pink creme which will also cover very well in one easy coat.  For this mani I did two coats though just to make sure I had a good base for the stamping, as well as some added durability since my nails are quite long right now.

The plates I used were both Bundle Monster plates - BM-213 and BM-303 (depicted below).

I had actually received my brand new Creative Shop stamper + scraper set that day but it was not working well at all (I think the silicone was still too cold and was causing issues as I had only taken it out of the mail box a few hours before trying it out) so I unfortunately had to resort to my crappy Dollarama stamping set.

As I said, I started out with two coats of Poppin' Pumps on all nails.  I won't show that at this point as I'll have a post of all the swatches of the new collection coming soon.  I used the shoe image from plate BM-213 on my ring finger nails and the lips & lipstick image from plate BM-303 on my middle nails.  I only did stamping as accent nails as I loved the look and colour of the Poppin' Pumps too much to cover them all completely.

Here are macros of each of the accent nails.

I'm so totally stoked about his mani and how great these products worked!  And I'm realizing now that it is quite Barbie-esque with the hot pink and the shoes and lipstick :)  Totally me!

I topped everything, as usual, with Glisten & Glow HK Girl (forgot to add that to the pic at the top).  I also did not photograph the products that I used at the very start of my mani and under EACH mani I do:
Hope you all like this look and thanx for stopping by for a peek :)  Stay tuned for all the details on the new launches!

- Bree ox's


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    1. Thank you very much! It was definitely my kinda style and one of my favourites!