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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Of All The Rotten Luck

Good morning all.  Well I don't know if I can actually say good at this point but it is morning.  We've got a bit of a situation in our household and it's no fun.  We had a long night to boot and today I'm home with Daniel as he cannot go to daycare :(

Yesterday when I picked Daniel up from daycare it seems that daycare had a breakout of hand, foot and mouth disease and unfortunately Daniel was one of the lucky little children to catch it.  They said he didn't seem to be in any discomfort and he was acting normal and in good spirits but he was covered in red spots all over his face and hands.  Upon speaking with the daycare workers and looking up more information on the disease when we got home it turns out that it's not a super serious infection unless the child develops fever or vomiting or sores in the mouth and throat which can make it difficult to eat and swallow and in turn lead to dehydration.  It's a viral disease so unfortunately there is not antibiotic for it to cure it and it just has to run it's course :P  We are disinfecting EVERYTHING and keep washing our hands and Daniel's hands especially after wiping his bum after he poos or if he's had his hands in his mouth or if we've had to blow his nose. That's how this spreads is through contact (direct or indirect) with nose secretions, saliva or stool. Dorian and I will probably be okay as it is very rare that adults catch this. It is usually just infants and children up to 5 years old. We are taking ridiculous precautions though just because we don't know how strong my immune system is with being in the last two months of my pregnancy, and especially since I just recently got over a cold and seem to be fighting allergies somewhat right now. Ugh! Why couldn't this have held off for thee more weeks and then Daniel would have been home and in the clear as I start my maternity leave June 1st and Daniel will be out of daycare and home with me as of then. ARGH!!! Oh well.

So far there are no spots in Daniel's mouth or throat that we can see and he hasn't complained of anything in his mouth.  But his face is covered and a few of them are in some more sensitive areas on his face and they have kind of opened up over night and are almost like wounds.  He basically has a polysporin face mask on right now.  They are also all over his hands and then sporadically in the areas of his body that are kind of sweaty like the creases of his groin and on his bum and behind his knees.  Those just look like hives though, nothing major and they don't seem to cause him any discomfort.  His face is a little tender and he actually has two tiny little bumps under his left eye.  His eyes are a little pink and slightly pussy and I don't know if that is just because of the hand, foot and mouth disease or if he picked up a little pink eye too (they have had a recent outbreak of that at the daycare as well).  SIGH!

Last night was tough.  We didn't get much sleep.  Daniel was awake every few hours crying because he was scared or he said his head hurt (the disease can cause headaches).  It was a very long night for Daniel, my husband and me and we kept Daniel on Tylenol and water as much as we could.  I'm home with Daniel today as we didn't think he was well enough for daycare and frankly didn't want to make the spread of this disease any worse for the daycare staff and parents than it probably already is.  My husband was going to be the one to stay home just because we were trying to keep me germ free as much as possible, however, go figure, he got a very early morning call from work for some EPS radio work and only he could do the job and he is on call so he had to go into work at 6:00 this morning.  That meant I had to be the one to stay home with Daniel after all.  Which I suppose is a good thing in the end because when I looked in the mirror this morning my one eye was a little pink and felt ever so slightly tender.  I have a problem with catching pink eye lately as it is so I grabbed my antibiotic drops that I always have around and used them to catch it before it got any worse.  Seems to have done the trick so far.  FINGERS CROSSED!

So today we're just relaxing and trying to stay as clean as possible.  I  just feel so sorry for my poor sweet little boy as he looks absolutely miserable and is clearly uncomfortable from time to time.  He so badly just wants to snuggle and be loved and of course I have to keep my distance and be careful.  I've explained it to him and he says he understands but still looks so disappointed ya know :(

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