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Friday, 25 May 2012

Almost There!!!!!!!!

Well it's getting to be about that time.  I'm almost at the end of my first pregnancy and Devereux will be along very very soon.  I am due June 29th but I am officially on maternity leave starting June 1st.  Which means I only have 4 more work days left after today!!!!!!!

Last week I went for an ultrasound, I was 34 weeks.  My doctor sent me for one at this stage just to be sure everything was AOK.  He wasn't necessarily concerned but I have been measuring on the smaller side the last few visits so he thought better safe than sorry.  I was not going to complain as my last ultrasound was at 20 weeks and I'd give anything to get another sneak peek at my baby before he comes out :)  So I went for my ultrasound on May 14th and it was even better than my first ultrasound experience at 20 weeks and I thought that was the best thing ever at that point LOL.  I had the best tech and she took her time and showed me everything she possible could.  It was crazy to see Devereux on the monitor at this point because he didn't so much look like a sorta baby or an alien or anything like that anymore.  It actually looked like a baby in my tummy now.  Everything was much better proportions and I got a great look at him "face to face" as he looked right at the camera and opened his mouth and lifted his head.  His face didn't look like an alien anymore, it looked like a teeny tiny little person and it was so cute!!!!!!  Yes I know it was blurry black and white and 2D but it was still the cutest thing I had seen in a long time and I almost teared up LOL.  Anyone who knows me well at all is probably not surprised by that statement LOL.  I'm no expert but from what I saw he has a perfect little face and perfect little hands and fingers and feet and toes, an adorable little baby rump and a little heart that just beats away like crazy.  It was truly an amazing experience!!

The following week (on Tuesday, May 22nd in fact) was my regular check up with my doctor and I got the results of my ultrasound.  He said there were no abnormalities and everything looks just fine, I'm just having a smaller baby from what they can tell at this point.  Which, I'm totally okay with!!!!  I'm the one that has to push this thing out so the smaller the better actually!!!!  Within reason obviously.  Don't want our baby boy to be freakishly small obviously.  But doc said my belling is still growing and I am still gaining weight and everything on the ultrasound looks good so he is not concerned at all.  At this point though Devereux is measuring in at the 25th percentile MAX.  Again, totally okay with that! LOL

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