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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Baby Boy Blue Celebratory Mani

So as you may have read from yesterday's post, my husband and I found out we were having a baby boy!!!  So I redid my nails last night to celebrate our boy news, I just didn't have time to post the pictures last night.  Here they are:
I used a lovely blue by Zoya but again it was a polish I got from a friend and didn't have a label on it so I don't know what Zoya blue it is.  Sorry! :(  Over top of the Zoya blue I did two coats of Sally Hansen's brand new Glass Slipper.  It's a fabulous silver/diamond-like flakie!!!!!  Oh flakies, how I love thee!!!!!

The formula of the Sally Hansen Glass Slipper was fabulous.  You don't need two coats but I wanted to do two because I wanted it to be less subtle and definitely noticeable.  Regardless, the coats went on very well and finished very smoothly.  I think silver and blue is a classic combo and I'm very happy with these baby boy blue nails :)

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