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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Girliciously Simple

Good evening again.  I LOVE this mani, even though it is so simple.  I now have a new favorite polish.  This is much simpler than the manis I've been doing as of late but it's really girly and super fun and I LOVE the colors, especially the pink!!!!!!! :D

I achieved this mani using Butter London Disco Biscuit (the new FAVE) and OPI Grape Set Match.

Artificial lighting with flash
Artificial lighting without flash
Natural lighting without flash
Artificial lighting with flash
This was my first experience using Butter London polish and I'm hooked!!!  I can't wait to try all my other Butters now and I probably won't have this mani for long no matter how much I love it because I am already chomping at the bit to try all my other Butters (see Newest Treasures post for other Butter polishes I have).  Although the Disco Biscuit was a bit thicker than I have worked with before and than I am used to I still found it rather easy to apply and didn't have to fuss with it much.  It is a fabulous hot pink jelly base with just enough subtle yet equally fabulous bright purpley blue glitter suspended in it.  Because it is a jelly it goes on rather sheer and I used three coats to get full coverage and the most opacity.  You could use this as a layering polish over top of a more solid or creme polish but I like the layers of jelly with all the glitter suspended between each layer and peaking through.  I don't think I'll ever use this as just a top coat, at least not for myself anyway.

Artificial light
Natural light
I chose to do an accent nail with the ring finger.  This Grape Set Match is part of the Serena Williams Glam Slam collection and relatively new in my collection so I hadn't used it yet until today.  I think the deep purple and the hot pink go fantastic together and the purple picks up on the purple glitter in the Disco Biscuit.  This Grape Set Match is a shimmery holographic polish that is fabulous all on its own but I got it in a set with Servin' Up Sparkle (again, see Newest Treasures post for more info).  I love OPI but I was a tad disappointed in the application of this polish.  I'll still use it and I still love the look of it but I found it really runny and thin and it was difficult to get an even coat.  I got even coats eventually but I had to use a lot of strokes to smooth it all out and make it even.  I only used two coats and got fairly good coverage and opacity.  I probably could have used three coats to be honest but because the Disco Biscuit wasn't super solid due to the jelly consistency I thought a slightly less solid look with the purple would go okay.  I will still definitely use this Grape Set Match again and won't let it's thin, runny consistency deter me at all.  

Artificial light with flash 
Natural light
As I said before I LOVE this mani.  I think it is FANFREAKINTASTIC and I love how girly and bright and fun it is.
Closeup in the daylight so you can really see the shimmer, glitter and holo in both
Please feel free to leave any comments or questions or ask about getting a cheap mani done on yourself by MOI! :) - only $5 or $10 depending on what you chose.

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