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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Stunning Silver

Good evening all.  Daniel is down for bed already (he was complaining since we got home from daycare that he was tired LOL) and I'm just sitting here lounged at the computer with a cup of tea doing this post.  In this post I bring you a mani I did on my awesome Grammy Helen last night while they were over for a visit and supper.  As you can see from the photo above we did a stunning silver mani and I achieved this look using (for the first time ever) a Gosh nail polish (Silver) with a few black and silver floral nail stickers I found at Dollarama and a little touch of Essie's Luxeffects in Set in Stone.

I was very very pleased with the quality and formula of the Gosh Silver.  It was even better on the nail than I thought it would be from looking at the bottle.  It is a foil type polish and the application was so easy and smooth and it only required ONE COAT!!!!!  I have absolutely no complaints about this polish whatsoever and would recommend it to anyone.

It's a little difficult to see here but I used a touch of Set in Stone just on the tips of the three middle fingers and I placed the black and silver floral stickers on the pinky and thumb nails.

The Set in Stone was very difficult to capture on camera as it is basically a tone on tone look and the flash just reflected off the silver polish but the Set in Stone didn't really show up without the flash.  You get the idea though.  And although it seems extremely subtle in the photos above, in person it isn't so much.  And because of the tone on tone it actually made it look like the tips where I put the Set in Stone were diamond encrusted!!  Now what girl doesn't love that?!?!?!?!

I was very pleased with this manicure and I believe Grammy Helen was as well :)

Please feel free to comment and provide your thoughts and any questions you might have.

Also, remember, if you live in the Edmonton area I am practicing and gaining experience for eventually attending a part-time manicure class while I am on maternity leave.  I need volunteers and guinea pigs please!!!!! :)  Only $5 for a simple polish change or simple nail art/details like above (I can do this on the toe nails as well but I can only paint them as I do not have the equipment nor am I set up for full pedicures).  And only $10 for a full manicure or more complicated and time consuming nail art like the Fabulous Feathers or Shimmering Sherbet I've posted prior.

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