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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Mrs. P's Nail Potions - Sweet 16

Hello all!!  So as you know, I've been working on my own frank polishes called "Mrs. P's Nail Potions".  I've decided to actually start wearing a few to show them off properly and the first one I picked to wear was Sweet 16.  This is probably one of my favorites and it was the 12th "Potion" I came up with.

Sweet 16 was meant to be girly and flirty and fun and celebratory, just like a 16 year old girl's 16th birthday party.  I think I achieved the overall feeling quite well and it turned out basically as I wanted it to and I'm very happy about this polish.  Sweet 16 is a shimmery (almost metallic) pink chiffon base loaded with various glitters.  The glitters used were large silver hex, holographic bar, and fine glitters in purple, blue, pink and iridescent.

For the pictures below I used two coats of Sweet 16 and one generous coat of Essie Good to Go top coat over top.  The formula was quite easy to apply, aside from the odd issue of a bar glitter sticking half off the end of my nail and having to kind of place it better with a cuticle stick (but that's what large and bar glitters are all about LOL).  One coat looked nice but the overall color was a little sheer and read almost nude rather than pink which is why I went for a second coat.  You could probably also put one thin coat of this over a much deeper or brighter pink or purple for a totally different look.  I shall try that one day :)

Please excuse the dry bits on my finger tips in the pictures below.  This weather going back and forth from spring to snow seems to be doing a number on my hands :(

Enjoy SWEET 16!!!!!! :)
In daylight - no sun though as we've had nothing but cloud and snow :(
In daylight - no sun though as we've had nothing but cloud and snow :(
One more surprisingly awesome thing about this polish...I thought I'd have to do the ol' tin foil trick to remove it as there was so much glitter and lots of large glitters in it.  HOWEVER, it was not necessary!!  Just normal scrubbing with a cotton ball and polish remover (containing acetone) did the trick.  Had to use a little bit of elbow grease in some instances but the tin foil wrapping of the finger tips was not necessary at all and it removed quite well so YAY!!! *thumbs up*

Please let me know what you think of this "Potion".  I welcome any and all feedback.

Also, as always, if you are in the Edmonton, Alberta area and are interested in cheap manicures, please contact me.  Only $10 for a full manicure and only $5 for toe nail painting or $10 for more involved nail art on the toes :)

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