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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Mrs. P's Nail Potions - Coral's Guildy Pleasure & Pirate's Booty

L - Coral's Guildy Pleasure, R - Pirate's Booty
Good evening all!  I did this manicure late last night and didn't have time to post pics nor was the lighting any good to take pics, so I saved it for today.  I took pics in the daylight when I got home from work, it's been cloudy all day here so no direct sunlight pics unfortunately.

These are another two of my "Potions".  Coral's Guildy Pleasure was actually originally Gilded Pink but I wasn't feeling it and no one was saying anything about it so I revamped it.  Now it's a much deeper and more intense color, more coral than pink now but still has that lovely golden shimmer.  And believe it or not, no glitter!!!!!  Shocking I know!!! LOL!  Pirate's Booty is a fun nothing but gold polish.  I'm normally more of a silver fan but I do love this one.  It's very rich looking and fun.  It's a sheer gold base loaded with gold glitter in different sizes, including large reflective gold hex.  I thought these would be a fun match up because of the golden sheen of Coral's Guildy Pleasure and the pure gold look of Pirate's Booty.  Here's the combo (only 2 coats of each polish - Coral's Guildy Pleasure was actually pretty much a one coater but I did two just to make sure I had good coverage and to eliminate a few minor brush strokes).

Please pardon the minor sheet imprint on the pinky nail, told you I did them late last night, then went straight to bed as carefully as possible LOL

Both "Potions" had very good coverage and like I said, Coral's was basically a one coater or could have been a one coater if I were a little more careful on the application of the first coat.

If you are interested in purchasing either of these "Potions" please get in contact with me either by leaving a comment below, going to my facebook page or emailing me at

As noted in my previous post, I had a little bit of a mix up with my supply order and I ordered only mini bottles when I thought I had ordered full sized bottles.  I am still sourcing and getting funds together to purchase full sized bottles so they will be available if you want to wait.  I will keep you all posted here and on facebook.  If you have any questions please let me know.  Mini bottles will be sold for $4.00 each plus applicable s&h to wherever it is you are located.

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