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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Mrs. P's Nail Potions - Plenty of Fish in the Sea

UPDATE:  I've now removed this "Potion" from my nails to prep for trying out another one of my "Potions" and again I was very pleasantly surprised that even with all the glitter there is no need for the tin foil fiasco to remove the polish.  Just lots of polish remover and a bit of elbow grease but really not too bad at all.  YAY!! :)

Hello again all!  It's been a lazy Sunday so far in the Penfold house today and I did another manicure last night with another of my very own "Potions" and photographed it in the daylight today so thought I'd share another one with you this afternoon.

This one is called Plenty of Fish in the Sea.  It was the 14th "Potion" I came up with and was inspired by some actually glitters.  I have some nail glitters in green, gold and blue that when I saw them for the first time looked like fish scales to me.  So I decided to do a sea inspired polish.

The base of Plenty of Fish in the Sea is rather sheer but it's very sparkly as well.  It is a pale shimmery blue loaded with iridescent fine glitter and large chunky glitters in blue, green and gold.

When I applied the polish it was much thicker and gloopier than my Sweet 16 polish but that is usually the case with densely packed glitter polishes.  It is nowhere near as thick and gloopy as Butter London's No More Waity Katie though.

I'm quite pleased with this polish also and it's another of my favorites of the ones I've made so far.  See what you think of Plenty of Fish in the Sea...
The index, middle and pinky nails are Plenty of Fish in the Sea only - 3 coats
Although the thumb and ring finger nail look the same color as the bottle I achieved this color on the accent nails using one coat of China Glaze's Electric Beat and then 2 coats of Plenty of Fish in the Sea over top

A close up of the two different colored nails - again the darker nail has one coat of Electric Beat by China Glaze under 2 coats of Plenty of Fish in the Sea and the lighter nail is 3 straight coats of Plenty of Fish in the Sea
 Please let me know what you think of this "Potion" and any other "Potions" of mine that I have posted.  Feedback is how I improve and come up with more ideas.  I do hope to have my own Etsy shop to sell my "Potions" on in the fairly near future but as of right now I do not have the supply capacity to do that...YET!  Stay tuned though :)

And as always, if you life in the Edmonton, Alberta area contact me about getting cheap manicures done at my home by MOI!  $10 for a full manicure and $5 for toe nail painting or $10 for more involved nail art on the toes.

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