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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Adventures in Frankening

Good afternoon all!!

Well it is yet another snowy, wet, cool spring afternoon here in Edmonton.  And yes you heard me right, snowy and spring in the same sentence.  Only in Alberta!  Sad but true and not really funny.  We had 17 above and sunny the other day and then rain blew in yesterday ALL DAY and now it's turned to snow and we have ground cover again and it looks like winter again :P  Beyond frustrating for those of us just itching for spring (permanent that is, no teasing).

Anyway, I thought it was about time I share my new passion with you guys.  It still has to do with nail polish but it's even better than painting nails and doing nail art.  I can really be creative and put my own spin on things.  It's called FRANKENING!!!!!!

Now for those of you that aren't nail enthusiasts or aren't familiar with some terminology, franken or indie polishes are basically custom nail polishes made from different mixtures of other polishes and dyes and pigments and glitters etc.  Really only your imagination is what limits you.  It's a great way to come up with things that can't be found in the stores and I love the creativity it allows.  Not only with the mixing of the color combinations but the naming of each polish too :)

So I've been a bit busy lately creating my own line of frankens and I'm ready to give you guys a sneak peek :)  Introducing...


These are swatches of all 15 of my shades so far (in natural daylight)
Above is a closer shot of my first five "Potions".  I'll give the name and a brief description of each of them below:

1.  My First Time - This was my first ever franken I made and I'm pretty impressed with how it turned out for a total experiment.  It's obvious why I named it what I did but also it's kind of sparkling and magical and lovely, just like every girl dreams her "first time" to be LOL ;)  It's a shimmery purpley/blue base polish with iridescent, blue and silver glitter.

2.  Purple Reigns - This is a very deep purple base with blue glitter.

3.  Ice Palace - This is a frosty, shimmery kind of aqua blue base packed with iridescent glitter and large hex iridescent glitter.

4.  Cotton Candy Cupcake - This is a creamy bright pink base with iridescent and silver glitter.

5.  Gilded Pink - A simple shimmery glossy golden pink.

The next five "Potions" are:

6.  Red Carpet Reddy - A bright red almost jelly base with red and silver glitter.

7.  Wormhole - A shimmery black base packed with iridescent glitter and large hex iridescent glitter.

8.  Pink Sugar - A very pale frosted pink base with iridescent glitter.

9.  Sunkissed - A bright slightly shimmery golden yellow base with deep orange glitter.

10.  Arthur's Realm - A shimmery emeraldy green base with lots of glitter in greens, blues, iridescent, silver and gold.

And the last five are:

11.  Mack the Knife - A frosty pearly white base with iridescent glitter.

12.  Sweet 16 - A shimmery chiffon pink base with lots of various glitters, large silver hex, holographic bar, and fine iridescent, purple and blue.  (this is actually the color that is on my thumb in the very top picture on this post - 2 coats)

13.  Ariel's Tale - Inspired by my favorite Disney movie "The Little Mermaid".  A shimmery bluey green iridescent base kind of like a mermaid's tail with deep orange glitter to represent Ariel's firey colored hair.

14.  Plenty of Fish in the Sea - This one was inspired by some new nail glitters I got.  When I saw them they reminded me of fish scales.  It's a very pale shimmery blue base with fine iridescent glitter and large hex glitters in iridescent orange, green and blue.

15.  It's My Party - This is probably the funnest of all of my "Potions" so far.  It's a creamy white base loaded with large glitters of various sizes and colors and yellow, green and blue fibers.

Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think of any of the above swatches.  I can't wait for and I welcome any feedback!

I will be doing posts on individual "Potions" soon so you can get a better look at each "Potion" so stay tuned for that :)

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