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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Mrs. P's Nail Potions - Red Carpet Reddy

UPDATE: Good evening again all!  So as planned I was able to snap some much better pictures of this gem of a "Potion" and here they are as promised (the 6 photos immediately below were all taken in the daylight):

This is actually quite an accurate representation of the actual red that this "Potion" is

Here you can see all the many glitters in this "Potion"
Slightly different angle to show off the glitters again
And again a slightly different angle to show off the glitters
Original post below:

Good evening all.  I have a quick post for you of another one of my "Potions" that I just did a mani with tonight.  It is my 6th "Potion" I came up with and it is called Red Carpet Reddy.  It is a bright red slightly jelly base with lots of iridescent, silver and red glitter.

I just have a few quick photos for you guys tonight.  I apologize for the quality of the photos actually as they were both taken this evening under complete artificial light, no natural light to be had at this hour.  I plan to take some better and truer pictures in the daylight tomorrow when I'm home from work and hopefully I'll be able to post them tomorrow evening at some point.  Here is Red Carpet Reddy.

Taken during the evening in a fully artificially lit room
This photo and the one above do not depict the color properly, it shows up much more orange here due to the artificial lighting and the glitters aren't nearly as prominent as they should be