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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Snow Day

Well it's the beginning of April and Daniel and I have an official snow day.  Definitely not planned and kind of shocking.  The last few days we have had spring like temperatures and sun and dry roads etc.  In fact I was starting to think about getting the proper insurance placed back on my car so I could take my car out of the garage and stop driving the gas guzzling beast of a truck.  And yesterday or the day before we even reached a high of 15 degrees!!!!!!!!!!!

However, yesterday the powers at be were calling for severe weather and winter snowfall warnings.  Blowing snow, low visibility and up to 25 cm of snow!!!  GROSS!!!  Of course this is Edmonton and anything happens and of course we were not going to be as lucky as to actually have spring start in the beginning of April, especially not without one last dump of snow.  No one knew exactly how bad it would hit or how accurate the warnings actually were so we all sat and waited.

Well the wind started over night and there were a couple times throughout the early morning hours I was woke up by the wind blowing around outside.  When I did wake up it was a winter wonderland all over again outside and the flakes were huge and there was a good couple of inches of snowfall already at least.  Thankfully it wasn't super cold but the snow was being a pain in the patootie enough on its own without the cold temps.  Daniel and I got ready as usual this morning and headed out to work.  It's a shame I put any effort whatsoever into my hair this morning because just from brushing off the inches of snow on the truck I was soaked.  The snowflakes were huge and like tiny slush balls hitting you on the head and in the face as they fell from the sky.  The snow was so wet and sticky!!!  We got into the truck and braved the roads which were not great but I had a 4x4 truck so wasn't horrible.  It was just very slow going and had to be careful is all.  It took an extra 20 minutes to get Daniel to day care this morning and when we arrived it seemed awfully quiet.  We walked in after trudging through the snow, and walking past a snowman that someone had already built (this was 7:45 a.m. LOL), and there was no power in the building.  It had been out for about 15 minutes already and they had no idea if or when the power would be back on.  Luckily the oatmeal for the kids' breakfast was already made so Daniel got to have his breakfast still but they were asking the parents to stick around for a bit to see if the power would come back on because if it did not they would have to shut down because they couldn't have a day care full of kids with no power.  Talk about a safety hazard and there would have been no way to cook for the kids or anything either.  So I stuck around and talked with some of the other parents and Daniel ate his oatmeal and we played with the kids and read with the kids and around 8:15 there was still no power and the announcement was made that they were basically shutting down and the kids would have to go home.  So Daniel and I packed back up and headed back home.

The drive home wasn't as long as the drive there but it was still kinda dicey and just not nice.  We were home shortly after 9 and we've been hanging out and playing downstairs quietly while Dorian sleeps as he worked a night shift last night and only got home at 4:00 a.m. this morning.  I'm definitely planning to have a nap when Daniel has his nap as I couldn't get back to sleep at 4:00 after Dorian crawled into bed and my alarm went off an hour later at 5:00 :P

It's now just about 11:00 a.m. and the snow has not let up at all.  Here is a pic of our backyard which just the other day had no snow on the deck and you could see the grass and there was only one patch of snow in the yard along the fence where the sun doesn't hit it much.  So much for that :(

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